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Self Portrait

The Nurse

Old Man With Geese

Pheasant Still Life

Quail & Gun Still Life

The Scout (Watercolor)

The Scout (Oil)

Trout Fishing

An Old Salt

Country Path

Girl with Doll

Consulting the Chart

Boy with Dogs

Farm Cart
with Two Mules

St. Andrews Caddie

St. Andrews Caddie

Bogey Man

Portrait of a Soldier

Justice Frank A. Hooker


Four Landscape

Dr. Charles Shepard

Two Mules & Cart

Portrait of Harry Fenn

Annie Valentine Rand

Great Notch, New Jersey
(Oil on Canvas)

Great Notch, New Jersey
(Oil on Panel)

Animal Shelter

Lady in Blue Dress
(For Sale)

The Fisherman

THE SCOUT (Watercolor)

Title: The Scout
Media: Watercolor
Signed: no
Size: unknown

I am enclosing a photo of the watercolor, which I believe, might have been painted by Lawrence C. Earle. On the back of the frame there is the name Lawrence C. Earle. This painting was given to my uncle, Harry L. Lawson, by a school-mate in Montclair, NJ. My uncle was born in 1888 and lived in Montclair until about 1910. I am not sure if his friend might have been a son of Lawrence C. Earle. I do know that both the painting and frame are original and do not believe the painting has been removed from the frame.

During the 1940's, I spent 4 years on my uncle's farm in Readington, NJ and I always liked the painting. When my uncle died in 1981, I was given this painting by his sister.

I am interested if anyone has any information of this painting and also if Lawrence Earle used watercolor in many of his paintings. Any information would be appreciated.

Hugh Coll (9-5-01)

Back of frame:


You may contact me at  if you have any further information on this painting.

*Thanks to Dr. J. Gray Sweeney for permission to use material from
Artists of Grand Rapids 1840-1980, J. Gray Sweeney; Grand Rapids, 1981:
The Grand Rapids Art Museum, The Grand Rapids Public Museum

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