Van Buren County
Soldiers in the Western Sharpshooters


Most of these entries include a brief military record. Some have photographs available to view in a private collection. Contact me at

1st Lieut. Albert Gore
1st Lieut. Stephen W. Dunscombe
Sergt. Phillip Dedrick
Sergt. John H. Andrews
Sergt. James M. Arbowe
Sergt. Newton J. Foster
Corp. Harlow G. Barnes
Corp. Hiram T. Breese
Corp. Daniel Goodenough
Corp. Robert D. Irish
Corp. Luther E. Sutton
Musician Aaron D. Cheney
Wagoner Henry O. Carris
James Balfour
George M. Bigelow
Henry W. Bridgeford
Omer A. Baird
George Bridgeford
Dallas Brewster
George L. Bliss
James Burton
George Bidloe
Albert Barnett
Aurelius Barney
Walter H. Baird
Vine Branch
Hiram T. Bruce
John Combes
Charles Cook
Charles H. Camp
William Crobaugh
Isaac Chatfield
Watson Carlyl
Edward Disbrow
Jefferson S. Dowd
Patrick Doyel
Willard E. Draper
Daniel Ellis
John T. Erwin
Morris B. Foster
Calvin C. Goodenough
Alonzo D. Gibson
Bartholomew Hard
Eben (Ebin, Eber) James Hardy
Albert D. Hurlbut
William Henry
Asa D. Hazard
Luther W. Hammond
Oscar P. Hill
Fancis M. Jones
James H. Kennedy
William W. Long
Martin Miller
Marcus S. Nelson
Orrin W. Northrup
Foster T. Newton
William r. Nelson
Harmon Nelson
Geres W. Prater
Seth Polmantier
Henry L. Prosser
George Payne
George Riley
John Rupert
William Rupert
Alfred Robinson
Philip L. Riter
Freeman Stowe
James Smith
Hiram P. Simmons
Humphrey P. Tyler
Enos W. Tyler
Mason M. Vernett
John Van Anken
John G. Van Ostran
Robert Van Brunt
William Van Fleet
Horace Vincent
William Wigent
Elias Whipple

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