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Pvt. Wooster C Bryant
  Wooster C. Bryant, Berrien County, enlisted in Company D, Birge's Western Sharpshooters, 22 Feb 1864, at Benton Harbor, for three years, age 25. Mustered into the service 27 Feb 1864. Joined the company at Joliet, IL, 3 Mar 1864, on its return from veterans furlough. Arrived in Pulaski, TN, 8 Mar 1864. Left Pulaski 29 Apr. In the Chattanooga and Atlanta campaigns under General Sherman.

  In the battle of Ball's Knob, GA, 9 May, and all the battles of the company to East Point, GA, 17 Sep. On "Sherman's grand march to the sea." In the storming of Fort McAllister, on Big Salt Creek, GA, 20 Dec. Entered Savannah, GA, 21 Dec 1864. Left Savannah 28 Jan 1865, on Sherman's picnic up through the Carolinas to Columbia, SC, and then to Bentonville, NC (last battle), 21 Mar 1865. Then to Goldsboro, NC; Raleigh, NC; Richmond, VA; and on to Washington, DC. "Grand Review" 24 May1865. At some point during his service, Wooster received a saber wound above his right eye. Mustered out at Louisville, KY. 7 Jul 1865. Honorably discharged at Springfield, IL, 11 Jul 1865. Homeward bound. Died 13 June 1894. 

Birges Western Sharpshooters


The Henry Repeating Rifle: The Weapon of Choice!
Usage of the Henry Repeating Rifle In the Civil War 1861-1865
Compiled by: Andrew L. Bresnan

*A note about the Campaign dates and places below.
Links are provided for details and locations of many of the battles.
Some dates reported are not the dates the battles commenced; but are several days prior.
This indicates the nature of Company D's skirmishing and reconnaissance efforts
and subsequent reporting of the local conditions and the enemy's positions.

Sharpshooters were Elite units of 100 men per Company.
Qualifications for Sharpshooters during the Civil War included:
Hitting a 9 inch target consistently at 200 yards

Follow Wooster through the Atlanta Campaign

Resaca, Ga. 14 May 1864

Lay's Ferry 15 May 1864

Rome Crossroads 16 May 1864

Adairsville 25 May 1864

 Dallas 27 May 1864

Lost Mountain (Ga.) 4 June 1864
(Joe Johnston withdraws from the Dallas-New Hope line
to Lost Mountain - Pine Mountain - Brushy Mountain)

New Hope Church 7 Jun 1864

Big Shanty (Kennesaw) 10 June 1864

Kennesaw Mountain 3 July 1864

Nickajack Creek 4-6 July 1864

Marietta & Ruff's Mills 6-7 July 1864

Howe's Ferry 10 July 1864

Chattahoochie River 11 Jul 1864

Decatur 13 July 1864

Bald Hill 15 July 1864

Howard House 17 July 1864
(Gen. James B. McPherson met with Gen. Sherman at this house
shortly before McPherson was killed July 23 , 1864)

Ezra's Church 18 July 1864

Procter's Creek 20 July 1864

Rome 21 Jul 1864

Battle of Atlanta 22 July 1864

Siege of Atlanta 24 July - 24 August 1864

Jonesborough 31 August 1864

Lovejoy Station 3 September 1864

East Point 17 Sep 1864

Follow Wooster in Sherman's March to the Sea

Eden's Crossroads 19 December 1864

Big Salt Creek - FORT McALLISTER 20 December 1864

Congree Creek 24 December 1864

Savannah 31 December 1864

Follow Wooster in Sherman's Picnic Through the Carolinas

Columbia, SC 17 Feb 1865

Camden, SC 20 Feb 1865

South River, SC 25 Feb 1865

Cheraw, NC 20 Mar 1865

Bentonville, NC 21 Mar 1865
(The last major battle of the War and Wooster's last battle)

Kingston, NC 24 Mar 1865

Goldsboro, NC 26 Mar 1865

Raleigh, NC 12 Apr 1865


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