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The Founders' Park Monument.

Founders Park, Mendon, MA

Erected in 1906 "in memory of the honored founders of Mendon 'the old mother town.' Settled 1668. Incorporated 1667. Eight towns are now located on her original territory. Near this spot Mendon's first three meeting houses were built."

Founders 1668:

Ferdinando Thayer
George Aldrich
Daniel Lovett
John Moore
John Woodland
John Barber
Matthias Puffer
Joseph White
John Thompson
Walter Cook
Abraham Staples
John Gurney
John Rockwood

Founders 1680:

Col. William Crown
John Jepson
Rev. Joseph Emerson
Samuel Hayward
Benjamin Albee
William Holbrook
Job Tyler
Joseph Stevens
John Warfield
Angel Torrey
John Parish
Timothy Winter
John Sprague

Founders 1690:

Rev. Grindall Rawson
George Sumner
Robert Taft
Benjamin Wheelock
Josiah Chapin
James Keith
John Farnum
Joshua Lazell
Samuel Read
Joseph Plumly
John Post
Eleazer Daniels
John Jones

(one name John BARTLETT for some reason was omitted as a Founder on the Monument but was here by 1672 before many others named on the monument:)

Bottom of Monument:
Above named are in the order of their settlement ;1663-1770
This Park Established by the Mendon Historical Society With Donations by descendants of the above Founders: A list of the donors may be found with the Town Memoirs: