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Transcription of Family Records

 "Cornelis Verbrugge GeBoren te Zaamslag Den 22 Augustus 1845"
    "Overleden Den 1st November 1909" (different handwriting - pencil)
"Suzanna de Feijter GeBoren te Axel den 30 Mei 1846"
                  "-Die Nov. 26th 1928-"
"Pieternella Cornelia Verbrugge geboren te ter Neusen den 13 Januarij 1868"
"Elizabeth Verbrugge geboren te terNeuzen den 13 Mei 1869
              Overleden den 7 Oktober 1869"
"Elizabeth Verbrugge geboren te Baskapel den 19 Dezember 1870 overladen den 7 Januarij 1875"
"Pieter Verbrugge geboren te Baskapel den 20 April 1872"
"Maria Verbrugge geboren te Axel den 19 October 1873"
             "Die Jan. 30th 1920"
"Willem Verbrugge geboren te terNeuzen den 1 Januarij 1876 overleden den 3 of April 1876"
"Willem Verbrugge geboren te terNeuzen den 20 Maart"
"March 20 - 1877" (different handwriting)
"Cornelis Verbrugge geboren te grand rapids den 26 November 1881"
              "Died Dec"
     " Dec 29 - 1960" (different handwriting)

English Translation

Cornelis Verbrugge born in Zaamslag the 22nd of August 1845, died the 1st of November 1909
Suzanna de Feijter born in Axel the 30th of May 1846, died the 26th of November 1928
Pieternella Cornelia Verbrugge born in TerNeuzen the 13th of January 1868
Elizabeth Verbrugge born in TerNeuzen the 13th of May 1869, died the 7th of October 1869
Elizabeth Verbrugge born in Boschkapelle the 19th of December 1870, died the 7th of January 1875
Pieter Verbrugge born in Boschkapelle the 20th of April 1872
Maria Verbrugge born in Axel the 19th of October 1873, died the 30th of January 1920
Willem Verbrugge born in TerNeuzen the 1st of January 1876, died the 3rd of April 1876
Willem Verbrugge born in TerNeuzen the 20th of March 1877
Cornelis Verbrugge born in Grand Rapids the 26th of November 1881, died December 29, 1960

Transcription and translation by Don Bryant

This bible belonged to Cornelis and Suzanna (de FEIJTER) VERBRUGGE. They emigrated from TerNeuzen, Zeeland, Netherlands in 1881 with their four children, Nellie, Pieter, Maria and Willem. They embarked from Amsterdam aboard the ship Pollux. The family arrived in the US on 23 May 1881 and came immediately to Grand Rapids where their last child, Cornelis was born in November of that year.

With two exceptions, the birth and death dates in the Bible record correspond exactly with the records at the Zeeland Archives. Daughter Elizabeth born in 1869 was according to the archive record born on the 14th of May, not the 13th. In the birth record of daughter Maria, the surname is spelled "Verbruggen" in the record at Axel.

The former village of Boschkapelle is now Vogelwaarde (A) about 6 kilometers northeast of Zaamslag (B). TerNeuzen (D) is about 9 kilometers to the west of Zaamslag. Axel (C) is about 6 kilometers south of Zaamslag.  See map (Google maps)


The Verbrugge family likely originated from Brugge, Belgium. Brugge (E) is only 51 kilometers from Terneuzen (D).

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