Back to: Panaway/Piscataqua From Chyota (Paul Baukman) - 7-9-99:

To "give" one's braves to someone, as I was taught, means that as long as that person is in the area of the tribe, the brave is that persons personal guide and protector, and provisioner. But when the person leaves, the brave stays. It was not slavery or anything like that. What was expected of the brave was to protect and feed the visitor, and provide a home if needed. And to interpret for the person, if the language was understood by the brave.

This is what I was taught by my grand take it as that......teaching from ones elders


And from same, 7-15-99:

My grandfather was Cherokee, as was my grandmother. Somewhere back many generations, there was a blue eyes person in the mix. I have blue eyes and light skin, while all my brothers were dark and black or brown eyed. I am told that my mother was Cheyenne.....but this is only a verbal statement from an Apache medicine man. I have to believe him because of who he is and what he stands for.

Everything I was taught was in the oral tradition. I am 51 and these things were taught to me during my 12, 13, 14 ,15 years. So tape recorders were very large and very expensive, so every thing was oral, with a pecan stick to prod my memory. They taught me much, and I remember their words very well.


As far as sharing my words with anyone, they were shared with you, so share them with whom ever you feel it is appropriate. Maybe they can help someone to start the walk on the "red road" of life. I have given talks at schools and colleges. At the end of my talk, I always say these words: "If I touch only one person and cause that person to look into their history, then I have been a success. For the school age children, the words are these: History is always written by the winners. We lost the first battles, but not the war. Stay in school and become one of the winners. That way you can write the history and be truthful and honest when you do."


Credit me if you wish.........I live far in the woods and am hard to find just in case someone wants to find me, but I am always here and available to those that really want to find me.