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Charles Blancher Thompson Time Line

Part 3--The Latter days of a Latter-day Saint
(1867- 1895 )
by Quintin Sharon Thompson
Great grandson of CBT
August 15, 2003

Year Age Events
1867 53  17 Sept, Lillian Violet Thompson born in Philadelphia, PA, # 2
1868 54 Philadelphia City Directory-CBT profession-tailor
1870 56 US Federal Census in Philadelphia City, PA
Charles; Catherine; Ida; David; Charles; (name unclear, BP Iowa); George; Benjamin; Earl; & Lillian (Note: Ida had two children censused with her living with CBT)
1870 or
59  Publishes 72 page book, Great Divine Charter and Sacred Constitution of Iabba’s Presbytery of Zion, #4
1876 62 10 May--1st World’s fair held in Fairmont Park, in Philadelphia, PA to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. President of USA attended.#3 (Note: CBT lived a short distance from this park.)
1880 66 US Federal Census in Philadelphia City, PA
Charles B., Catherine, ?,George, Benjamin, Earl, Lillian, & Ida with children Vivian & Ruby Maudy
1881 67 Horse drawn passenger railways in service #3
1883 69 18 Nov Eastern Standard Time adopted by railroad companies #3
1885 71 2 Apr John L. Sullivan & Dominick Mc Caffery, professional pugilists, arrested for violating rules of prize-fights.#3
1887 73 4 Aug--Electric car demonstrated #3
1888 74 Philadelphia City, PA Directory
Name Occupation Address
1. Benjamin F. Thompson, Painter h.2917 Diamond
2. Charles B.. Thompson, None given h.2915 Diamond
3. George W. Thompson, Painter h. 2915 Diamond
4. Ida E. Thompson, music teacher h.1049 Sarah
(Note: Grace (Thompson) Wilcken/ Lewis/Turnbow says that Ida was divorced)
    In the Appendix--After CHURCHES, page 1951 UNDENOMINATIONAL MISSIONS
Congregation of Israel in Iabba’s Presbytery of Zion
2244 Ridge Av. Rev. C.B. Thompson
1889 75 1. CBT publishes The Cyipz Herald and Israel’s Evangel 1888-9, Phila., # 4
    2. Philadelphia City, PA Directory
(Note: The above information with the following changes)
Name Occupation Address
1. Abraham Thompson, None given h. Point Breze N Mifflin
2. Benjamin F. Thompson Express h. 1640 Marston
3. Charles B. (Rev.) Thompson
4. David L. Thompson Painter h. 2032 Lambert
5 Earle Thompson Machinist h. 2903 Diamond
    3 Sept--First time Labor Day celebrated #3
1890 76 US Federal Census taken but records burned in fire in Washington, DC
1895 81 1. 27 Feb Charles Blancher Thompson dies in Philadelphia, PA & is buried in Greenmount Cemetery at 4301 Front Str. Phila., PA # 1 & 2
    2. 5 March Catherine dies in Philadelphia , PA & is buried in Greenmount Cemetery at 4301 Front Str. Phila., PA #1


Over the years CBT heard & read of the news in and about Philly. These included fires, robberies, river pirates, murders, hangings, embezzlements; ships being christened, and sinking, drownings; sports of rowing, swimming & horse racing; mayors coming & going; corner stones laid for buildings and their dedications; transportation changes (Trolley fare ride was five cents and for a transfer three cents more): & weather (heavy rains, flooding, tornados, blizzards, etc). Much of which our news is today.

Most of CBT’s family lived in the Philly area with some venturing west to Ohio, Illinois & Utah.

He lived a full life of adventure in the physical. mental, and spiritual realm.


  1. George Bryan Thompson
  2. Branches & Twigs of David Thompson by Virginia Mae Thompson
  3. Philadelphia Time Line compiled by Rudolph. J. Walther
  4. Calender of Publication of CBT, by Sherwin Chase, 10 July 1982

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Contributed by Quintin Sharon Thompson

The documents are direct quotes and should not be taken and used as one's own work without identifying the source.

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