These stereoviews from the early 1900s are from the collection of Agnes Svoboda Morris. They are from the "Metropolitan Series" sold by the Sears, Roebuck & Co and belonged to her family when they lived in Cleveland Township, Leelanau County, Michigan. Click on thumbnail images for larger detail.

No. 1 - Mr. R. W. Sears, President  Sears, Roebuck & Co., At His Desk
American Scenes Whimsical Around the World

942-Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park.

950-The Great Railroad Loop, Georgetown, Col.

951-Driving a Four-horse Team Through a Tree, Mariposa Grove, Cal.

953-Angora Goat Ranch, Oregon.

954-A Large Duck Ranch at Watertown, N. Y.

956-A Mountain Ox Team Hauling Wood, Asheville, N. C.

957-Fun on the Beach at Atlantic City, N. J.

958-The Diving Horse at Saltan Beach, Salt Lake City, Utah.

959-A Hippopotamus Family, Central Park, New York.

966-Old Bruin Resting in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

967-The American Bison or Buffalo.

837-Playing Marbles.

839-Just One More.

840-Infantry on Parade.

841-The Family Ironing.

842-The Break-down.

843-Making Love in a Hammock.

863-Stars and Stripes.

864-Fun on the Corn Stalks.

871-Dreaming of Bad News from the Front.


873-"Your Dolly Is Very Sick."

874-"I'm Tired of These Old Pants."

725-Schliersea Highlands, Bavaria.

726-Arndt Tower on the Rugard, Ruegen, Germany.

727-Incline Cable Car, Loschwitz, Germany.

728-King Gustav III.'s Statue and Gr'd Hotel, Stockholm.

729-The Great Catholic Church, Amsterdam.

743-Apollinaris Church, near Remagen, Germany.

744-The Great Cathedral, Cologne.

745-Kaiser Frederick Promenade, Homburg.(sic.)

746-Michel Palace, St. Petersburg.

747-Church at Foot of Mountains, Norway.

748-City Gate, Southampton, England.

749-Cleopatra's Needle and Thames Embankment, London.

949- Outside City of Manila, P. I.

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